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A Mayor who doesn't support Law Enforcement

As protests over policing continue to convulse cities throughout the U.S., one symbol keeps showing up: a black-and-white American flag with one blue stripe. Those who fly the flag have said it stands for solidarity and professional pride within a dangerous, difficult profession and a solemn tribute to fallen police officers. If you Google search the meaning of the "thin blue line" it is a symbol of police who keep society from descending into violent chaos.

Now, as police again become the focal point of a fight for racial equality in the U.S., the flag has again been brought into question. Mayor Regina Romero of Tucson Arizona, spoke out today (Tweeted like most politicians) after supportive community members were granted a permit to paint a blue line in front of the Police Headquarters building. See the tweet yourself here.

What we can do as a community is show this woman that we will back the blue in all conditions. Her is what you can do right now, 1. Visit this Twitter post, and burry the voices there that are THANKING her for this. Here is the link again https://twitter.com/TucsonRomero/status/1278833897699069952 2. Write her an email, here is hers: Mayor.Romero@tucsonaz.gov

and send them to her staff as well, Elaine.Becherer@tucsonaz.gov, Nathaniel.Sigal@tucsonaz.gov, Nathalia.Untiveros@tucsonaz.gov, Yesenia.Lopez@tucsonaz.gov, Genesis.Cubillas@tucsonaz.gov Ward 1 Council Member Lane Santa Cruz by email: ward1@tucsonaz.gov or phone: (520) 791-4040

Ward 2 Council Member Paul Cunningham by email: ward2@tucsonaz.gov or phone: (520) 791-4687

Ward 3 Council Member Paul Durham by email: ward3@tucsonaz.gov or phone: (520) 791-4711

Ward 4 Council Member Nikki Lee by email: ward4@tucsonaz.gov or phone: (520) 791-3199

Ward 5 Council Member Richard Fimbres by email: ward5@tucsonaz.gov or phone: (520) 791-4231

Ward 6 Council Member Steve Kozachik by email: ward6@tucsonaz.gov or phone: (520) 791-4601

City manager Mike Ortega



here is one of the more important emails, it's the Press/Media contact: Nathaniel Sigal

Nathaniel.Sigal@tucsonaz.gov 3. Call her office: (520) 791-4201 One voice will not send this message. We need more people to speak up and tell Regina Romero that her lack of support for the Law Enforcement here in Tucson does not go unnoticed. A mayor who does not support Law Enforcement does not belong in office.

4. Get your back the blue bundle https://www.articlesoftherepublic.shop/back-the-blue-bundle

Here are some Facebook groups you can join to show your support for Police Officers. https://www.facebook.com/groups/articlesoftherepublic/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/470082583162592/ and dont forget to like these pages



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