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American Contingency: Community preparedness for natural and man-made disaster

**Disclaimer: The views expressed within this article, as an independent contributor to the Articles of The Republic blog, are written as solely my own and are not intended to represent the voice of the parent webstore or any of its affiliates**

I would like to open with an apology to any readers. It has been approximately 2 months since I posted any content on AOTR's blog section. Between COVID-19, a full-time work schedule including way too much overtime and new responsibilities, family and other side ventures, posting regular content was a little difficult. I've now gotten a better handle on my time and even though I am extremely busy, I will be dedicating time blocks to continue producing content for AOTR.

I took on this position as an independent blogger with the sole intent of writing reviews and opinion pieces on firearms and firearms accessories, cue the Hank Hill jokes. As someone who has strong conservative and constitutional values but has always remained politically independent from both the Republican and Democratic party, I felt as though being outspoken in my personal life was fine but voicing any political ideologies while speaking from a position of authority or influence was out of my realm. I felt that this was best left to the paid professionals, the politicians and journalists. However, I have seen a more than alarming amount of degradation in journalism's ethics, as well as career politicians making absolute ass-clowns out of themselves as they amplify division in the populous in order to reinforce identity politics and tribalism in America.

Due to this, it is time to speak.

I'm not going to spend 10 pages writing out a chronological list of the events that have taken place in America, the political and cultural aspects of those events, what activism and causes I agree with or not because honestly, those lines have become too blurred and we all already know what has taken place. Unfortunately, certain movements and communities have developed an "all or nothing" mentality, where if you don't agree with them 100% and do what they say, you are automatically the enemy. We've seen BLM engage in violence against other blacks for being conservative or questioning the motive behind the movement. We've seen anarcho-communist ANTIFA hiding behind the "social justice" cause while they bring violence upon anyone that simply functions as a normal member of society. We've watched firebombs, looting, burning, shootings and whatever else you can imagine, as if these were the streets of a third world nation. We've also seen politicians and media outlets fuel this behavior as a method of strenghtening that left wing tribalist ideology, while simultaneously making conservatives be too afraid to speak out or resist their advances.

The concept of civil discourse and attempting to reach a mutual understanding so that progress can actually occur is completely lost. Events are not looked at on a case-by-case basis anymore. Instead they are looked at with specific leftist checkboxes and if any leftist boxes can be checked, the event is automatically labeled as unjust, oppression and cause for civil unrest. You absolutely are not allowed to say "I agree with your view on this specific incident for the most part but this other incident does not seem up to snuff for the outcry" without being called a plethora of buzzwords, all equating to you being some form of prejudice. I simply don't care about that. Cry and yell at me all you want, you still don't override logic and reasonableness.

So, for this moment we're just going to disregard the causes that people feel justifies certain behavior and jump straight to the problem at hand, which is the behavior. We've spent a little over 4 months observing constant unrest and violence, victimizing citizens nationwide but dominantly in Democrat ran metropolitan areas. The people involved in this conduct, from various leftist activist groups, claim that they are fighting back against an oppressive government but in reality all they've done is brought harm to other ordinary citizens. Being a strong believer in the United States Constitution and the Republic we have, I emphatically support the first amendment and the right to peaceful protest. All of the previously discussed behavior, which we have all seen at this point, is not in any way peaceful protest, nor is it civilized human behavior. It is criminal activity and childish. Chanting "peaceful protest" while you burn, destroy and assault doesn't somehow mask what you are physically doing. While I do believe that there is still a percentage of folks attempting to engage in actual proper protest, when they see this type of anarchist activity they need to either make a legitimate attempt to stop it or they need to pack up their shit and set up their signs somewhere else so that they aren't lumped in with that problematic group.

We have seen Police Departments and Emergency Services become so overwhelmed by large scale rioting that they are unable to respond to citizens' calls for service and criminal activity. We have seen Mayors and city leaders pander to their extreme leftist base and throw their moderate and right leaning citizens to the wolves by flat out telling the Police to stand down and allow the anarchy to happen. We have also seen citizens stand up and resist the anarchy, in both the right ways and the wrong ways.

This brings us to the American Contingency movement. Merriam-Webster defines the word contingent as "dependent on or conditioned by something else" and contingency as "a contingent event or condition: such as an event (such as an emergency) that may but is not certain to occur". American citizens have become soft. They have long forgotten that they are embodied with the spirit of the minuteman, which means being ready for a bad situation on a moments notice, even if unlikely. While you may hope and pray that ultimate and unfortunate events do not unfold, we must take it upon ourselves to be the contingency plan and ready in all regards.

The American Contingency movement is solely meant to return the every day American man and woman to that state of personal and community preparedness. This is achieved by creating a network for individuals who share information with each other about various survival techniques, field/bushcraft skills, medical knowledge, natural disaster planning and yes, even information regarding upcoming politically driven demonstrations so that they can be avoided and folks living in that area know not to be surprised when they see disturbance in their area. As extremist and fringe groups post flyers in public forum saying "we'll be doing XYZ at this place and time", those flyers are distributed throughout American Contingency's intelligence netword saying to avoid those areas and be alert for disturbance if you cannot avoid the area.

American Contingency (shortened to AMCON) is in no way a militia or fringe movement. It is comprised of American men and women from coast to coast, of all ethnic backgrounds, of all age groups, of all economical statuses and even of all political backgrounds. AMCON members do not treat others with prejudice or behave in any way that would disrespect or poorly represent their fellow members, the greater movement or the Country it is named after. Every AMCON member respects one another's individual differences and is fully willing to help a brother or sister in a time of need. Members understand that survival requires community and a shoulder-to-shoulder mentality.

The founder of American Contingency, retired Army Special forces Sergeant Major and owner of Fieldcraft Survival, Mike Glover, has strongly denounced violent political activism in any capacity. That kind of behavior is not only criminal but it would also taint the public perception of the AMCON movement. When it comes to anything violent, AMCON is about being prepared for violence to come your way and how you should properly address that threat. It is in no way about proactive violence, instead teaching proactive preparedness and the reactive application of violence if necessary in order to eliminate a threat.

AMCON strongly promotes for the members of the community to value life and the sense of duty to aid fellow community members when times are tough. In times of natural disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires and even civil unrest, AMCON members are networked at a regional level in order to quickly provide the necessary and appropriate aid to fellow members and their families.

As of late, there have been multiple online articles and blogs from leftist "journalists" saying that AMCON is a right wing hate group, a white supremacist group, an anti-government militia and every other bullshit name you can think of for a group that is ironically ran by an Asian man and has an ethnically diverse membership. This is happening because AMCON openly criticizes the violent activism and destructive tactics of the left, as well as the groups engaging in that activity by name. Since they have no factual reason that would deter people from looking into AMCON and seeing the truth by communicating with active members, it's easier to pull the "they're a hate group stay away" card to keep the public from inquiring about and joining AMCON.

It does not matter though. The truth always prevails and the best kind of organization grows through word of mouth. American Contingency is brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers, all standing on the hill of helping one another and preserving our Republic. Like America, the community will never fall at the hand of violent extremists.


Michael is a lifelong Arizona native, avid hunter and unwavering supporter of the Second Amendment and all of this great Nation’s founding documents. He is currently employed with a County Government Security Department within the state of Arizona, with prior work experience in the Judicial field, as well as private sector security contracting. Michael currently holds multiple certifications and licenses related to Firearms Instructing. He has a degree in Administration of Justice, with aspirations of attending law school.

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